History of Success:

A Seamless Global Opportunity

This fast growing business offers a unique opportunity for health and wealth to yourself and those around you. Starting in Japan in 1999, Naturally Plus strategically launched throughout South East Asia and the US in June 2014. It further accelerated its expansion globally to 150 countries using the online platform, Naturally Plus Global (NPGL). Reach out and create an international network, where products are distributed 24/7/365!



This NPUSA Business Model is designed for quick success and it maintains all points earned.

– Quality Products with over Half a Billion total sales
– 17 years strong but new to America so it’s ground floor
– You buy only your products
– Proven Business Model
– You have a choice of more than one BC for faster earnings
– Generous Compensation that retains all points, unlike nearly all other networks
– Pressure free due to point retention
– Sincere Leadership and Management
– Supportive Global Community
– Rewards and Recognition to boost your income
– Values based on Corporate Longevity


Share your Story and Earn from a Broad Spectrum of Bonuses
Get paid weekly for introducing outstanding products that benefit the health and lifestyle of those around you! NPUSA offers eight (8) bonus programs designed to generate income based on individual, group, and consolidated USA sales of products. Since 1999, within just 17 years, over 300 Affiliates in Naturally Plus have earned over a million dollars and on average, 60 new Affiliates achieve the Spirit Bonus every 2 months. I got my first $100 payment into my bank account 5 weeks after signing up.