WhatWealth is a NPUSA Life?

  • Simple in Form and Structure
  • Balanced in Body and Soul
  • Rich in Opportunity for Health & Wealth
  • Dedication to Family and Community
  • Respectful of Time as a Treasure


What is the NPUSA Opportunity?

NPUSA is an opportunity to change your life forever. Live and work the way you like, have time for family and friends and realize the right time is now!  Financial security is a reality being experienced by thousands of Affiliates throughout Asia. NPUSA brings that ground floor opportunity to America with 17 years of established business and product success.




Originality & Predictability

NPUSA is hugely successful in Japan and throughout the Pacific Rim―a wellness company with annual revenues of over a quarter billion dollars. NPUSA is ground floor in America, with a company that has Stood the Test of Time by becoming the Most Successful Company of its Kind!
NPUSA reveals the simplicity characteristic of Eastern philosophy focused by the discipline and discovery of Western Science.